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RCV Block Party

“A Ranked The Vote Delaware Quarterly Showcase"

Sunday, March 28th at 7pm

This virtual block party is a creative and off-kilter event that will keep you engaged. Learn about RCV and our organization’s successes, and how we’re going to propel this movement to victory.

Ranked Choice Voting is happening across the country and we want Delaware to be part of the moment. It's an anti-corruption no-brainer! Our RCV Block Party is a showcase on the successes we've had up to this point. It's an action-oriented event where you'll get to see what all your friends have accomplished so far, talk about the strategy for moving forward, and we have a big announcement that will put us on the map.

When: Sunday, March 28th at 7pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join: Zoom - Register below for the link

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