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It's Called Ranked Choice Voting

And it can fix more than you think
  • Eliminates vote splitting by closely aligned candidates
  • Ensures winner by majority
  • Curbs negative campaigns
  • Increases voter turnout

With Ranked Choice Voting we can get true majority-rules voting instead of having to worry about a wasted vote and who is most electable. Whoever wins will have the support of the majority, not just a plurality. By making one simple change to the ballot, candidates have to adjust their strategy, which creates a ripple effect that can reshape the tone of campaigns - incentivizing civility and finding commonground among opponents.

Let's examine the problem

The Problem

Our political system is broken. Did you ever wonder…

  • Why do unpopular candidates keep winning?
  • Why do we have a system of politicians who only pander to their base?
  • Why is there an increased feeling that your vote doesn’t count?
  • Why does our political system seem gridlocked despite being the world’s shining star of democracy?
  • Why are politics becoming increasingly polarized?

These problems are all products of our outdated voting system. “Pick one” voting incentivizes division, polarization, and stifles innovation. It’s prone to corruption. But this can all be solved by changing the way we vote.

Right now, our antiquated voting system forces us to choose between one of two candidates, even if those candidates don’t represent our interests.  Instead of voting for the person we agree with the most, we’re forced to pick the most popular candidate.  But if we vote our conscience, we run the risk of “throwing away” our vote, allowing our least favorite candidate to be elected. 

So what's the solution?

What exactly is RCV?

Ranked choice voting, or RCV, is a simple change to our ballot that allows you to rank your candidates in the order of preference rather than just picking one. This means instead of just voting for the candidate you think can win, you can vote for the candidate you’d like to win. With RCV if your top choice doesn’t get enough votes to win, your second choice will be counted, and so on. You never have to factor in electability, never have to choose the “lesser of two evils”, and you’ll never cast a wasted vote.

Eliminates “vote splitting"

This is where two or more candidates or parties running on similar platforms penalize each other and divide their shared base of supporters, rather than reinforcing their mutual efforts.

Curbs negative campaigns

because it incentivizes candidates to find common ground rather than the current “divide and conquer” strategy that polarizes our country, making it feel like it’s ripping apart by the seams.

Increases voter turnout.

Empowers voters to feel like their vote actually counts.

Shifts the conversation

Media spends more time discussing issues and policies rather than electability.

Better representation

 Once someone is elected, they give better representation to their constituents. A leader elected by a genuine majority will better serve their constituents.

View A Sample Ballot

Here's A Sample Ballot

It's so easy, you just choose your candidates in order of preference. You can still just vote for one if you prefer. Your first choice never gets penalized if you pick additional candidates.


Ready to do something about it?

We're Here To Fix It

We are a nonpartisan grassroots movement comprised of a diverse group of Delawareans who are uniting under a common cause: to make elections more fair with ranked choice voting.


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