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Welcome to the Rank - May 2021

“A better future, a better ballot"

Sunday, May 30th at 7pm

Imagine you're getting ice cream at a local shop. If your favorite flavor isn't available, what do you do? You choose your next best! Ranked choice voting (RCV) is exactly that, a ballot to reflect the way we naturally make decisions.

RCV is happening across the country and we want Delaware to be part of the moment. It's an anti-corruption no-brainer! Let's discuss what we've been up to and how we’re going to propel this movement to victory.

This is a NONPARTISAN effort. We do not take sides, and welcome community members from all parties.

If this is your first event, we can't wait to meet you. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of Delaware's history in paving a way for a stronger democracy!

When: Sunday, May 30th at 7pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join: Zoom - Register below for the link

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